Section 1.  The name of this Association shall be the Lake Family Historical Association.

Section 1.  The objects of the Association shall be: Mutual benefit, social gatherings, providing mutual assistance when needed, and collecting data and information pertaining to the genealogy, life and accomplishments of the members of the Lake family.

Section 1.  All persons eligible to membership, and present at previous meetings or the present meeting (1908), shall be considered as charter members of the Association.
Section 2.  All persons who are members by blood, marriage or adoption of the family of William Lake, or other Lakes of English origin who came to this country before A.D. 1750 shall be eligible to membership in this Association.
Section 3.  Any person eligible to membership in this Association may be proposed in writing by any member, who shall give the family relationship of the applicant. This proposal shall be referred to a Committee of three, to be appointed by the President, one of whom shall be the Historian.

Section 1.  The Officers shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Historian, an Executive Committee, and a Nominating Committee. The said officers shall be elected at each annual meeting, to hold office for one year, or until their successors are elected. They shall assume their duties at the close of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected.
Section 2.  The duties of the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be such as usually performed by these officers in any organization.
Section 3.  The Historian shall have the custody of all historical records of the Association. He shall, so far as possible, collect historical and general data, and classify and arrange it for record and reference.
Section 4.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and two members to be elected at each annual meeting. Their duties shall be to arrange programs for all meetings of the Association; to hold all trust funds of the Association; and to transact all business that may require attention between meetings. They shall devise plans for further conduct of said Association.
Section 5.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members, who shall be elected at each annual meeting. They shall nominate candidates for President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and two elective members of the Executive Committee. Nomination may, however, be made by members on the floor at the time of election.

Time of Meeting.
Section 1. There shall be an annual meeting of the Association on the date the following year, to be determined by majority vote of the membership each year at the Annual Business Meeting. (Amended August 2017) The Executive Committee shall have the power to change the date in case of emergency such as natural disaster or any other emergency occasion may arise.

Section 1.  The funds for defraying the current expenses of this Association shall be raised by a collection to be taken at each annual meeting.

Section 1.  Amendments may be proposed at any annual meeting. They must be presented in writing, and must be signed by at least five members. They shall be acted on finally at the next annual meeting.

Order of Business.
Section 1.
1. Call to order by President.
2. Singing and prayer.
3. Scripture reading.
4. Reading of minutes of previous meeting.
5. Reports of committees and officers, and appointment of the Committee on Membership.
6. Election of officers.
7. Unfinished business.
8. New business.
9. Special and social features.
10. Adjournment and benediction.

Lake Family Historical Association Constitution
Lake Family Historical Association Constitution

Amendment approved August 26, 2017


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