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Help Us Find

The Lake Family Historical Association ADDRESS UPDATE REQUEST    Below are listed the names of members of the Lake Family Historical Association for which we have no current address. Do you have an updated address or know how we can reach these  LAKE FAMILY MEMBERS?  Please send updates to WebMaster  Last Name  First Name Last Known Address Anthony Alma Shamrock Lane, […]

Cookbook Project

Please send us your favorite “Family Recipes” using the form below for us to include in our cookbook project.   You can copy  (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) the recipe into the message box.  Please include your contact information in the event we have any questions, and also so that we may properly credit you with […]

Photograph Project

At the Annual Reunion there are usually several tables of photographs available to peruse and help identify. The Lake Family Historical Association has decided to put these photographs on the website and label in such a way to enable family members and friends to identify the photographs and respond to us with the correct identity. […]